Bird Screaming

by Ghoruob
(Sydney,NSW Australia)

Hi, my cockatoo is conatantly screaming, a very annoying screams which wakes everyone up at 6.30am & screams constantly throughout the day, he has taught our major mitchell to do the same. I am very worried the council will get involved. Please help we dont want to give him up

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Nov 10, 2009
Bird screaming answer
by: RachelF

We adopted our beloved Echo and she screamed constantly. She will scream any time the routine of the house changes, like when my school semester starts, or the kids are off for summer break. The biggest advice I have for you that has helped us immensely is although you need to find out why they are doing it DO NOT TALK TO HER, GET HER OUT, PAMPER HER WITH ATTENTION, ETC. If you do that, you will be teaching the bird to scream to get what they want. It will be so hard to ignore the bird while they are screaming but you have to. Our bird picks up on our moods and if we are upset, so is she.

We had a period of playing seek and find to find out what her problem was. She needed more outside cage time, less petting in stimulating areas of her body, and a more regular routine. We cover her at the same time every night regardless of if we are up or not. These birds are like babies, they need and thrive on routines. They can also be spoiled and act like it.

Do not give up. Once Echo bonded with all the members of the house she is much happier. She screams less. She will pick one person as her "mate" but you have to be diligent in how you treat her. Most birds like this are given up before they can fully be adjusted to a new family.
I can not imagine my life without Echo now, which I would not have had the chance had I given up on her. Patience, it will be hard for awhile, but these birds are so full of love to give...

Sep 21, 2009
Screaming Bird
by: Linda

Sounds like you are in need of some bird training, and there are some links on the Parrot Training page that may help you to reverse this behavior.

Your birds need to be covered at night, and there are all kinds of covers available on internet sites selling supplies for birds. We have a huge Macaw flight cage for our two Amazons, and we bought a cover to fit it made of 100% polyester which washes and dries very easily, and it keeps our birds feeling safe all night. In the summer, we don't cover the front and cover the rest, and in the winter, we fully cover cage, and they have added protection for a cold room.

Your bird should be taken to an Avian Vet to make sure he is not sick before beginning any training. Possibly he is not getting out of cage often enough or if cage is too small, Cockatoos will lose their minds with the feeling of being in too cramped and small a place. Hard to know since we cannot see his cage. There IS a reason he is screaming all day long, and you will need to find the reason soon as you can. As for getting rid of your bird, what kind of home do you think he will end up in until the screaming is addressed? He will end up in an abusive and/or neglectful home. Some of these birds with issues not addressed live lives of pain, lonliness and neglect, so you owe it to him to try and work through this. Check out the parrot training topics here, and you may have to have more intensive training from a reputable bird training group like the people with link on this site.

First, take bird to vet to rule out any infections, and have bloodwork done to rule out any organ problems. The Toos need toys they can chew on like larger wooden toys, and they need a large, roomy cage they are allowed out of. They also need 12 hours of darkness and about the same of full spectrum daylight. We have full spectrum lights over our birds cage to help with problems associated with not enough full spectrum light.

Keep us posted, and get started trying to help your Too as his chances of finding a good home like this are NIL.


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