bird seizers

by Reese

I have taken my bird to a vet to just be told that in the exray they can not see her bone from hip to knee. it must have given out when she had feel over on her perch ( is all they can tell me ) . she is only 6 years old . she still uses that leg as if they were just wrong .

but i have notice she babys both her legs know and she has this scack on her face in the white part witch looks like it just has a lil bit of water in it .(started 2-8-12) she also has started to have seizers today. she curls her feet up lays on her belly all the time. when she had what i think was a seizer she curled feet and stiffend up and her wings went crazy and her head went to right side of her body. she has not had any toys or perchs since this start two weeks ago.

I have to hand feed her and i believe she has lost weight. she well only take food from me and wants me to hold her all the time . i have her in a cage where she can not climp she lays on a blanket. Is there anything i can do to help her .(hey said not egg bound either) i have called the vet i took her to and they just say there is nothing they can do for me . but i can drive to another vet witch is ever far from me .

i have added multi vit drops to her liquid and foods. i have tried tummys. what else can i do please help . she crys like she is in pain . do you know what this could be ? B & G macaw

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Feb 09, 2012
bird seizers
by: Linda

You need to get your bird to an AVIAN VET ONLY immediately because she needs an evaluation by an avian vet who knows what they are doing. Of course the bird has bones in her hips and legs, so the vet who took the xrays and told you that she does not does not know what they are doing and are going to let your bird die.

So, Find an Avian Vet in your driving area, tell them what all she is doing and they will come up with some kind of diagnosis and plan to help your bird.

If you took her to a dog and cat vet, they are not even licensed or trained in the care of birds, so they will string you along and take your money while leaving your bird to die.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say as this is a very serious situation,


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