bird shedding paper

by Pat Traill
(Saranac, MI)

My conure loves to peal newspaper. He doesn't eat it. Will this hurt him? Thanks

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Sep 28, 2012
Bird Shredding newspaper.
by: Anonymous

Paper is not harmful for your bird.
All birds love to shred paper... problem is choosing the right paper to allow your bird to shred.

Newspaper your bird is shredding I assume is the paper lining at the bottom of the cage, where he poops.

Do not allow your bird to shred the newspaper he poops on. This can cause the bird to be exposed to bacteria, and cause him to become ill.

You should have a cage that has bars btwn the bird, and the bird's pooh paper.

Newspaper is not good for a bird in general, simply bc the inks can rub off ont he bird as it's shredding the papers. Causing their feathers to become discolored, or even causing the bird health issues bc the ink gets in their mouths.

Iwould suggest balling up plain white paper, I put a grape in the paper and twist the sides, and let the bird shred the paper to find a treat. This brings out the foraging instincts in a bird. Which is a good thing! Birds in the wild forage for food.

Also, you can give your bird empty toilet paper rolls to shred, or paper towel rolls, which I typically cut down to a smaller size for my Grey.

Another idea is getting those small paper lunch bags, put little shredded papers, and some treats in the bag, tie it off with a piece of leather, cotton rope, etc. Birds love this kind of stuff!

Providing your bird with the right toys is always key. However the right toys don't always have to cost a ton. You can find simple things about the house and let them play with it, such as the tp rolls.

GL I hope this helps!

Sep 28, 2012
newspaper ink
by: chaydel

Why don't you offer him toilet paper with the roll, or copy paper. A little newspaper won't hurt, but the ink is not very good for digestion. Ink gets on my cockatoo and turns her grey. I would assume that it simply makes a conure look darker. (That can't be too good:-(

Sep 28, 2012
shedding paper
by: Anonymous

It is a favorite past time of most conures to shred paper. They don't eat it, just shred and shred and shred. It gives them pleasure and best of all, keeps them occupied. So feel free to let him at it.

Another good toy that your little friend can play with are the cardboard centers of paper towel rolls (make sure there is no glue strip on it because that would probably make him sick). I cut one in half lengthwise and then after he has had his fun with it (usually not much left by then) I remove it from the cage and give him the other half. My conure thinks its a big egg or something and he sits on it and purrs and gurgles away . . . then he tears it up.

Sounds like your conure is a very happy little guy.

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