bird slave

by ayman mamkej
(haledon, nj, usa.)

recently my mexican rsdhead who is about 10 years old has been flying down to the floor and performs a dance and sings with its tail feathers spread out, he seems very happy while doing this but on occassions if i walk away he will fly at me agreely, land on my shoulder and bite my neck much harder then he has ever done before.

he crules under cabnits, the sofa and other things he can find which is all new behavior within the last three months is he a she looking for a place to lay an egg or just a hormonal change due to his age? please give some insight. thank you!

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Mar 22, 2009
Hormonal bird
by: Tracie

Your bird is hormonal. You can try shortening the amount of daylight the bird gets and see if that helps. We put the birds in a sleeping cage every night in a dark room after they have had 10 hours of daylight and that helps them.

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