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Mar 06, 2008
bird's cage cover
by: Anonymous

What is her cover made out of that it would be dusty? I have always used a clean sheet for my bird. I have noticed that if my bird is molting and he hasn't had a bath for a few days, he begins to sneeze from the dander coming off his new feathers. Also, do you wear perfume or use scented candles? Any scent can irritate a bird's sensitive nose.

Feb 01, 2008
Bird Sneezing
by: Win

Hi Inez,

Is there discharge from Sam's nares? If so take him to an avian vet.

I am not sure on how low the heat in a bird room should be. I keep my home fairly warm. I would go no lower then 70-72.

All covers put off dust. Wash his cover once a week.

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