Bird sprayed with Glade

by Kay Deines
(Louisville Ky)

My conure was sprayed down with Glade. I washed him threw his food away and wiped his cage down. How long to have need to watch him for symptoms of sickness?

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Feb 07, 2018
Is He/She Okay?
by: Anonymous

I know it's years after, but did you ever get him or her to the vet in time? Are they okay? Any chemicals can be extremely dangerous or deadly to birds due to their sensitive respiratory system. I hope that your bird is safe and happy!

May 28, 2013
bird sprayed with GLADE
by: Alex

I agree, get the bird to an avian vet ASAP. Aerosols should NEVER be used anywhere near a bird and especially not in the same room.

How did you actually spray the bird?

Get to the vet as it most likely inhaled the toxic fumes and spray.

This is could be serious.

May 27, 2013
Bird sprayed with Glade
by: Linda

As the previous writer instructed, get your bird to an Avian Vet ONLY now because your bird has been poisoned.

In future, do not use any type of air freshener in the house and this includes scented candles or any kind of plug in air freshener. Aerosol cans cannot be used at all because of the fluorocarbons. This includes the noxious FeBreeze as well. Only use pump sprays and as mentioned, do not use any kind of air freshener if you have birds, baby humans and cats. In this case, your bird has already been poisoned, and he will die in a short time, so you have no time to lose getting him to an Avian Vet who may be able to counteract the poison. Poison entered through the eyes, possibly the mouth and nose plus the skin. This is a dead bird if you don't act fast. Washing him was great, but poison was not just on his skin and feathers. It is also on perches, toys,and anything else in cage.

We all make mistakes, and this is one of yours. If you do get other birds, keep in mind to learn about all the possible dangerous household items that people use routinely. Just because some manufacturer shows item being used around pets and babies, does not mean it is safe. We are on our own when it comes to the safety of our families and pets.


May 27, 2013
Bird sprayed with Glade
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, how awful! Was the bird totally soaked with the spray or was it just used in the room that he is in?

In any event, you did the right thing washing him and the cage and tossing the food. The main concern with aerosol sprays and birds are the fumes that are inhaled and the possibility that it got into the birds' eyes.

I would not wait for any symptoms of illness to appear before acting on this situation. You should call your avian vet for advice and a possible examination.

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