Bird symptoms/possible illness

by John
(Gresham, Oregon)

I am currently looking at purchasing a 15 yr old male Blue Front Amazon. I noticed the bird has a constant twitch or shakiness to him. He is a very lovable and talkative bird. I also noticed I could visibly see his breastbone running down the middle of his chest. These conditions have concerned me as to whether or not the owners are not telling me something. He also seems to fluff his feathers quite a bit, I thought maybe he was just being cuddly.


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Mar 17, 2011
Possible illness
by: The Avian Vet

This bird is probably sick, and is likely to be nutritionally deficient, especially with calcium and protein. The symptoms that you describe are those of chronic disease. You need to have this bird thoroughly worked up by an avian veterinary specialist.

Dr B

Mar 15, 2011
Bird symptoms/possible illness
by: Linda

John, this bird is starving to death. When you can see the breastbone that clearly, it means the bird is starving. Whether it is from a sickness they have failed to have diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet or whether they are starving him, this bird is on his last legs.

Now, what I would do if I were in your place is request they take him to an Avian Vet BEFORE you purchase him. If they balk at this, then they are hiding something(they ARE hiding something), and this bird is going to die. If they agree to take him to Avian Vet, request a detailed report of what Avian Vet found, and this exam needs to include complete blood work to see if organs are failing and tests for both bacterial and viral infections. A throat swab needs to be done for bacterial infection as the anal test is next to useless. Vet needs to weigh him too because he should weigh over 700 grams, and he is going to weigh way less than that. This weight is a starting point or base-line for later as are all the tests.

If they do not agree to this comprehensive exam with written proof they did as you requested, then you have two ways to go. You can go ahead and offer a greatly reduced price(you will make up the rest in avian vet bills), take the bird immediately to an Avian Vet and have the same comprehensive exam done as explained above. He needs help, and many years ago, I rescued a similar BF Amazon from a bird store I worked at. She was going to die shortly, had no feathers and was sick with multiple infections. Owner never took birds to Avian vet who was just down the street because it cut into his profit margin. I bought the bird for half price and spent another $500 getting her well. It will take over a year to see this bird come back up to looking normal, and if he is not too far gone, he will come back up. You may also have face that he may die depending on what is wrong and how long he's been neglected. These people need to be turned into a Humane animal group in your area for neglect.

So, he could live and be a happy healthy bird or he could die on you. What you do is up to you. Turn them in though no matter which way you go because they are selling a sick, starved very sad little bird and need to be fined accordingly. Take a camera over next time you go to talk, and take pictures of him to show to animal people. Take any paperwork from vet to them also because this gives them "cause" to bring this before a Judge for an arrest warrant. Don't shy away from this as this bird needs an advocate right now, and it is YOU!

Let us know what happens,

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