Bird Tantrums

If you hold your Parrot (Lorakeet) in your hand (using no pressure) and it is screaming. . . .Can the bird Die from that?
I ask this because our Lori has had screaming episodes before in its cage (temper tantrum) because it wanted out. .. well we would let it scream until it learned that it won't always get whatever it wants all the time.

Although I have caught our lori with my hands because it didn't want to (step-up) and started screaming. . .I wanted to teach the bird who's the boss and in control. . . I was told that if you hold the bird in your hand as it screams for too long. . that it would die!
Is it True?

Thank You!

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Sep 14, 2008
by: ruchira

well, your bird will not die but you should not touch its chest.slowly it will stop screaming if you talk to it nicely.

Sep 12, 2008
Bird Tantrums
by: Conure4u

There has not been any evidence of a bird dying from being held gently for long periods of time.
One thing you want to make certain is not to compress the chest! If that is done then your bird will surely asfixiate!
One great suggestion I have is to visit the "Parrot training " on this site. There is a gentleman (Chet Womak) that is an expert on dealing with bird behaviors!
Please check it out!

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