Bird that has been missing for several months

My Senegal parrot has been missing for several months, and I am still looking for her. I have heard they can travel long distances. Any suggestions on how to look for a bird that could have traveled in any direction for quite a few miles? Thanks.

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Jul 12, 2012
Bird missing
by: Anonymous

Since it has been several months since your bird flew away, it is unlikely that you will get it back. Domesticated birds do not know how to locate their homes from the outside. I would follow the advice of the other post and put out flyers with your birds' picture. Maybe someone in your local area found the bird and took it in. I would also check animal shelters. After several months in the outdoors your bird might have fallen prey to another animal since domestic birds aren't trained to live in the wild. If you do get the bird back, you have to be sure it's not sick and take it to a vet. Good luck and so sorry for your loss.

Jul 11, 2012
Bird missing for months
by: Tracie

The best way to do this is to put ads in the pet section of papers. IF you get your bird back, you need to take it to an avian vet right away. Your bird may have a bird disease that you will not want to bring into your home, and will not want your bird to suffer from.

It is rare to get a bird back after it flies away, I hope you are one of the rare few. :-)

Here is our Find an Avian Vet link in case you do not have an avian vet.

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