Bird Toy LInks and Chains for Making Your Own Bird Toys

Use our Bird Toy Links and Chains and have fun making your own bird toys using our other Bird Toy Parts.

Bird Chomping Chain Small Bird Chomping Chain Large Candy's Bird Toy Plastic Chains

Below you can choose from our plastic links and chains to go with our bird foot toys and other bird toy making parts to make your own bird toys.

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Bird Toy Chain

Fun, safe links provide hours of avian entertainment! Your bird can play with them linked together, or try them disconnected for individual "hand-held" play toys. Or, hook two together and connect to each side of your bird's cage for a wild & crazy ladder.

Made from tough FDA-approved, bird-safe plastic in colors your bird will love.

Small Chomping Chain
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Large Chomping Chain
Our Price $6.45

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Chain Links

Candy's Bird Toy Chains

Four sizes to choose from. Choose the link appropriate for your parrot.

Small is 1/2" x 21" long
Medium is 1" x 22" long
Large is 2" x 25" long
Ex Large is 3" x 29" long

Candy's Chains - 1/2" x 21"
Our Price $2.95

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Candy's Chains - 1" x 22"
Our Price $4.95

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Candy's Chains - 2" x 25"
Our Price $5.95

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Candy's Chains - 3" x 29"
Our Price $6.95

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