Bird Training Miracles Reality TV

Bird Training Miracles Reality TV is finally here!

Watch bird training miracles caught on video. They are called One Day Miracles and it is put out by the BirdTricks folks.

Includes:12 episodes on 6 DVDs featuring professional bird trainers Dave and Jamie Womach on the road trip of a lifetime.

You'll watch as they put their bird whispering skills to the test as they set out to answer the question "Can YOUR bird be taught to love and trust you in a single day of training?"

You can watch the complete VIDEO TRAILER and buy the series here:

One Day Bird Training Miracles

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I have people write me sometimes saying how they don't like the methods Chet uses to train birds. I wonder if they have purchased his materials and tried them, or are just repeating other negative things people have said?

Chet's methods work, period. Yes, he can do things in one day, due to his experience and confidence, but if you take the time to practice his methods with your bird, you will be able to train your bird. Positive reinforcement works!

I suggest you go and watch Bird Training Miracles and see for yourself if you feel his methods are right for your bird. If you do not feel it is best, then that is certainly your choice. ;-)

Even if you don't like Chet, don't like some of his methods etc. you will certainly get some great positive reinforcement ideas just from watching!