Bird traveling question

by Tro
(North pole, Alaska, united states)

I'm going on a weekend trip in a couple of weeks and can't find a bird sitter for my green cheek conure (At least not one I trust leaving him with). The drive is about 6-7 hours and I will be staying with a close friend for 2 nights and three days. My question is can I bring my green cheek with me or will this stress him out to much?

I know they are good at hiding illness and I don't want to take him and him get stressed and something happen in the middle of the trip away from his vet. His travel cage is rather spacious for him and I will let him out with me as often as I can on the trip. Is this a horrible idea or will he be ok on the trip if I can't find a sitter and take him?

I would really rather take him because I am very attached to him and like him with me as much as possible, but not if it's risky for his health. He did just have his wellness exam last week and his vet said he is doing good, just thought I'd add that in in case it helps determine if he can go or not. Thanks in advance!

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Jun 15, 2012
Traveling Green Cheek
by: Anonymous

Hi Tro ~

We have a green cheek, also, and travel with him every weekend. Although our trip is significantly shorter than yours (about 1 1/2 hours), he is always quite content to be in the car with us. He will chirp along with the radio when he is enjoying a particular song & on occasion he will take a nap. He has never shown any distress while traveling & just seems to be happy to be along for the ride. While your trip will be longer than ours, I would think he would be just fine...especially since you plan on taking rest breaks to let him "stretch his legs".


Jun 14, 2012
Bird traveling question
by: Linda

Well, he should be okay if you follow a few simple instructions. First, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, take enough water from home to keep him in familiar water for the entire trip. This also brings up another issue which is being able to drink while car is moving. It is my experience that any kind of water container, including, water bottles, lose all their water in a few minutes of travel, so you'll need to make sure you stop every three hours or more and take a break so he can drink and relax for a while. Another way to ensure he stays hydrated is to put orange slices in his water cup(if he likes oranges) and take some along in a small cooler so he has them for the entire trip there and back. Do not forget to get a clean container or two so you can fill them with water from home before you leave. Make sure you have enough so he drinks only water from home. Different water can cause digestive upsets just like it does with people, so this is important.

The other thing to think about is having perches pretty low in the cage. Since you said "travel cage", I expect perches are already placed low so if he falls off, fall won't be too far.

Also if his wings are not clipped, this must be done before the trip. Have Avian Vet clip only the 4-6 Primary Flight feathers. These are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Do not ever allow anyone to cut up any higher because it causes chronic pain and bird falls like a rock instead of being able to glide to the ground. With the Primary feathers trimmed, he will not be able to get enough "lift" to fly away just in case.

Also remember to take a lightweight and light colored cover for his cage while at your friend's home. Polyester covers are good, and make sure it leaves a few inches at the bottom for air circulation. This is important in a strange setting like this and will make him feel secure.Keep him in room with you at night too.

If you have room, you may wish to take along his cage, and if it is too large, then you may want to get a cage for him. Unless the travel cage is larger, he will probably not be comfortable in it for two or three days.

Otherwise, he will probably enjoy being with you, and make sure he is not exposed to any extremes in temperature. By extreme, I mean even a 10 degree difference either way can cause problems. Keep him away from AC vents too as these draft birds and make them deathly ill.

Good luck and hope you all have a wonderful, happy and safe trip. Let us know how it went when you return home and thanks for writing!


Jun 14, 2012
Taking bird on a trip
by: Tracie

I will answer this for Dr B, because he has answered this a few times already. It is a GREAT idea to take your bird with you!

You need to make sure the person you are visiting, and all that live there, know the toxins that kill birds. They can not use Teflon irons, ovens, pans etc. and can't spray air fresheners around the bird and things like that.

If the bird is not used to it's travel cage and traveling, you can take it for short trips with you around town a few times before taking the long trip. Take out the hanging toys, so they don't whack your bird in the car and put them back in when you arrive at your destination.

Some people suggest you bottle up some of the water your bird is used to drinking, in case the water where you are going is so different that your bird might need time to adjust to it. (Some places have a TON of chlorine in their water that you would want to avoid also.)

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