bird twiching legs

bird twitched its feet and head kept itching, and unfortunatly she passed to quickly for us to take it to the vet do you know what happend????/

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Nov 07, 2009
bird twiching legs
by: Linda

We have no way of knowing what happened here. Sounds like it could have been a neurological problem caused by a toxin, but we'd have to know all about your home and what chemicals you use in it. Basically, all pine related cleaners, ammonia, bleach and many more are toxic for birds to even smell. Just to use them around birds can kill them. The other possibilities are scented candles, room deoderizers whether sprayed or plugged into outlets, and this includes Febreeze. Hairspray, fingernail polish and remover, perfume and aftershave are all toxic to birds. Cans under pressure should never be sprayed inside house where birds live as this can also be fatal.

Foods that have gone bad and grown some type of fungus on them are fatal.

I recommend you do some study on what is safe and what is not to have around your birds. The lists above are a very good start.

It's too late for a necropsy as they have to be done immediately to have any value.

We are very sorry for your loss, and make sure your home and bird's cage, perches and toys are safe. You can find more information about this on the internet. Lead and zinc are poison and most bird toys have zinc coated chains and/or clips and connections. Make sure all metal parts you use are either nickel plateed or stainless steel to be on the safe side.


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