Bird wanting to breed

by Sarah Huck
(Las Vegas, NV. USA)

Hello, I'm really embarrassed about what I'm about to ask. My bird "Zuse" is a Dusky Conure. I'm not sure how old he is because I rescued him from becoming snake food. I didn't ask to many questions; I just took him and ran. I have only had him about a month now, so we are still getting to know each other.

What I'm finding out about him is that this bird is the most stimulated animal I have ever come across. I say step up and he must hear "hump my hand" please. I feel for him but don't feel it is right to let him get down or should I say get it up on my hand.

Is there some thing I can buy for him short of a girl friend? My husband won't go for another bird. He barely tolerates this one. I think that is why Zuse bites me out of the blue and for no reason some times. Because he is wanting to breed and has no way of getting any release. Other wise he is a great bird and I hope to spend many fun and good years with him.

Thanks for any advice anyone might have.

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Aug 04, 2009
Bird trying to breed with your hand
by: The Vet

You can discourage him by putting him down on the floor when he starts. Watch what he does just before he starts his masturbation session, then put him on the floor for a minute or so. Then pick him up and act as if nothing happened. If he starts again, repeat your response. If he does it a third time, then you can put him on his playgym or back into his cage and turn your back to him for a minute or so, then take him back out. Pay attention to what is happening just before he starts (this is called the antecedent), then prevent the behavior by preventing the antecedent. Let me know if this helps.

Dr B

Aug 03, 2009
Birdy Boy
by: Linda

Well, your bird is obviously older, and no, birds do not HAVE to mate to be happy birds. What may be happening here is that he was abused and/or neglected by previous owners up to and including being "dumped" somewhere and left on his own.

First thing you need do is to make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area to make sure he does not have any health issues like infections, parasites both internal and external or other problems with his basic blood work.

I think your bird is "acting out" and his behavior may or may not have anything at all with actual breeding. If he was abused, this may have been something that someone else taught him to do for God Knows WHY! I have never, ever seen an overly sexed parrot, and I've been working with them most of my life. I think he is just doing what he thinks will make you laugh, so DON'T.

Don't worry about that and don't get another bird. Families where everyone does not like or want a bird are where abuse and neglect can occur. So, take good care of him and learn everything you can about his type of parrot and parrots in general. He needs to be eating a high quality, organic pelleted diet with the recommended veggies and fruit. Harrison's is a good one, and Tracie carries books and Harrisons out here. The change-over from all seed diet can take some time, so also buy some of their Birdy Bread Mix and the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor that goes with it, and it will help your conure to like his new diet. Just put small amount of seeds in bottom of cup and Harrisons on top. You can feed the Birdy Bread in his treat cup or as part of the pelleted diet.

Keep us posted on his progress, and get him into an Avian vet soon as you can to make sure he is healthy. A healthy bird is much easier to deal with, and all the members of the parrot family will bite from time to time as they are still wild undomesticated creatures. Welcome to the World of Birdy Boys and Girls--you are now owned by a parrot, so try to do all you can to make being owned by a parrot easier on you. Tracie has some training materials on her Parrot Training page you may wish to use later on.


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