Birds and art paint

by Gloria
(North Carolina)

I paint as a hobby using oil paints, but non-toxic brush cleaners. My art room is upstairs. I have even considered getting water miable oils. Could I care for a bird safely if it was not in my art room? Thank you.

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May 04, 2011
Birds around art paint
by: The Avian Vet


Dr B

May 04, 2011
Birds and art paint
by: Linda

Oil paint fumes are toxic, and in my opinion it does not matter in what room they are used as fumes will circulate all over the house.

I have two parrots and have to use waterbased acrylic paints and mediums. The only kind of non-toxic brush cleaner is water which is why I like the waterbased paints. I also use rubber stamps and ink and use a mild ink cleaner to get ink off stamps. Don't use StazOn products because they are solvent based, and it takes a solvent cleaner to get them off stamps. The ink stinks with fumes as well as the cleaner. Also no alcohol based paint or ink either. Be very careful using rubbing alcohol because it is also toxic.

You cannot use any kind of spray fixatives on pictures either. Stay away from any kind of wet glue as well. I use the dry strips, large and small glue dots. You can use glue that is safe for children to get on them or eat like Elmer's, but no heavy two part epoxy or super glue kind of products that produce fumes.

You can also use watercolors because they are waterbased and do not usually have a smell to them. I have one medium called Triple Thick, and I have to use it with a window open and fan blowing the smell out the window when I use it. The other mediums do not have a smell.

With the waterbased acrylics, they are safe as long as you aren't using them close to the birds because even they have a bit of a smell to them.

I make wooden bird toys for my birds and use Crayola's Washable Paints which are much like watercolors. As I said earlier, anything that a child can play with, get on their skin and possibly ingest is safe while all others are subject to question.

So, you CAN live safely with a bird if you remember to question everything you use in your home. You cannot use toxic cleaners like ammonia or bleach and petroleum based products like Pine Sol because the fumes from these are toxic. Perfume is toxic as are scented dryer sheets, candles and room deoderizers including Febreeze. Tracie has safe cleaners that can be mixed with water, does a great job of killing all kinds of microbes and is safe to use around birds, though not directly on them.

Hope this helps,

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