Birds are resting on the chest area

by Brenda Barnekow
(Winter Haven Fl)

I recently got my first Nanday and Sun Conures they are about 3 months old. Today when I went by their cage they were on top of the cage on the perch, they wer perched but they were also resting on their chests/stomach area. Does that mean there comming down with something? The only time I ever saw a bird who was perched and not standing up was when they were sick.

I have never owned this type of bird before but I have had budgies, cockatiels, and a maccaw. I know these birds are fragile and am very worried about them because of all I have read about them.
Thak you in advance for your help.

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May 24, 2011
New Conures
by: Jelleh

Wow! A gruesome twosome! You are in for a good time! I have the same combo and they are just funny! There is nothing typical about a Nanday! My Gherkin argues with me, purrs when she snuggles, looks hilareous when she regurgitates, sways back and forth when she is eating, talks with her mouth full, tries to lay on her back in the bath, lays on her back and lets me tickle her belly, pretty much a winged breed of dog. Sunshine (S.C.) picks up on that behavior and open body language. You will see any bird that is in within viewing range of a Nanday pick up on their body language! Nanday personalities are contagious to other birds! I have a baby African Grey that can already do Gherkin's "nag" to a tee. Nothing to worry about, unless your birds' eating habits change or seem lethargic.

Sep 14, 2009
New birds
by: Lori

I have a sun conure thats 3 years old. I've had him since he was 4 months. I have never seen him reast on his chest on a perch but he always sleeps in a cozy hut(tent). So then he sleeps on his chest or sometimes on his back. Its always a good idea to take a new bird to the vet to get checked out. I've never heard that conures are fragile. Mines never been sick at all. He eats Harrisons pellets and organic dried fruit and birdie bread and sometimes cooked bird food.

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