birds breaking their eggs

by jeanette
(st joe mo usa)

why are my birds breaking their eggs

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Feb 08, 2013
birds breaking their eggs
by: Linda

They are either not old enough to breed or just not ready to breed. I suggest you remove nestbox if you have one up and you may also need to separate the birds for a while.

The broken eggs are dangerous because if infertile eggs have been left for a few hours or more, they become rancid just like if we were to leave chicken eggs out of refrigerator and then eat them. They would make us very sick, and this can kill your birds depending on length of time eggs have sat. I lost a Cockatiel hen in this way because I didn't realize some of her eggs, that time, were infertile. She broke a couple of them and ate the contents. She died after having seizures for quite a while. Once the toxin is in the bloodstream, it attacks the central nervous system, and is basically too late to do anything but watch poor bird die. Of course we did not have avian vets back in the 70's either, so there would have been no recourse anyway.

So remove and throw away all eggs. Take down all nesting materials including box and separate birds if necessary. If she lays eggs in bottom of cage anyway, remove them and throw away.

You can buy fake eggs in your birds' size and color on the internet. These help keep birds from laying more eggs everytime infertile eggs are removed, so you may wish to get about 4 of them. The fake eggs can be left in there though you'll need to keep them clean of poop by washing them everyday if she is laying in bottom of cage.


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