birds eating their own eggs

by valentina

i have no idea why they actually eat their own eggs..please anyone have a solution to it?

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Feb 11, 2012
birds eating their own eggs
by: Linda

For now, take out the nestbox and throw away any eggs in there. Breeding is over for now.

Then, here are a few possibilities for why this is happening. You did not say how old your birds are or their species, so they may be too young to breed successfully or they may not know what to do once eggs are laid. What I mean is birds hatched via incubators and handfed by humans from minute one do not know how to take care of the eggs or the babies. They have imprinted on humans, and will never be breeders because they have no points of reference and think they are human. It may sound far-fetched, and this is what happens when commercial breeders have to get more money and don't allow nature to take its course.

The other issue could be illness or poor diet. Have both birds examined by Avian Vet ONLY to make sure they have no infections or other physical problems.

Parrots need to be eating 80-85% organic pellets like Harrison's and only 10-15% in fruit or veggies meaning small amounts a few times a week. They do not need any vitamin/mineral supplements when eating Harrisons. Below is a link on how to go about changing from seeds to pellets written by an Avian Vet. Birds have to be examined and cleared by an Avian Vet before dietary changes which can be stressful. Since you need to have them examined anyway, this should pose no extra problems:
Switching Birds To Pellets article

The other issue is full spectrum light provided by fluorescent tubes in fixtures hung above cage. During breeding, birds need about 12 hours of this full spectrum lighting and the same of darkness in which to rest and sleep. These lights are the Vita-Lite kind and not the colored ones found in home improvement stores as they are just colored not real full spectrum.

It will take a while to get birds on a high quality diet, so shelve the breeding plans until you see them eating full diet in pellets. Even after that, it can take up to a year for birds to be in good to best condition which is what is required for breeding.

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