Birds - Getting lori to eat fruit

I have a rainbow lorikeet, she is about 1 and a bit years old.
She dosent eat fruit. I feed her a lorikeet wet mix, but I'm not convince that is a substitute for fruit. Dose any one know how to get her eating fruit? She is part of our family, not just a house pet!

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Feb 01, 2013
Birds - Getting lori to eat fruit
by: Linda

Below is a link to articles about feeding Budgies, Lorys and Eclectus you may find interesting. Lorys can eat organic pellets, and there are some here along with other Lory diets you may wish to look at. You can also try some of the other writer's suggestions as for making the fruit more palatable.

Remember that the fruit and/or veggies your bird eats needs to be certified organic as does any dry or wet mix you feed. The reason for organic is to keep pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, sugars and other dangerous chemicals out of our birds. I believe Harrisons organic pellets work with Lorys, and read the attached first to make sure. Maybe your bird smells or tastes something dangerous in the fruit and it could be the reason he's not eating it.

Budgie, Lory & Eclectus diets

Thanks for writing and let us know how it's going with your lovely bird when you can.


Feb 01, 2013
by: lisa

I have a black lory that eats almost every fruit I give him but he especially like fruit sprinkled with the dry lori powder. I use Linda blessings Lori nectar(wet) and Linda Blessings lori powder(dry). He loves both.

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