birds living together

by michelle

I have a parrottlett and just recently got a quaker parrot and I was wondering if they could go in the same cage? I had quakers before and he liked to go into my parketts cage he didn't hurt them.

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Sep 03, 2010
birds living together
by: Linda

No, it is never a good idea to put strange birds in with established birds you already have. Never put smaller and larger together as this can and does result in fighting and death for the smaller birds. Your parrotlet is NOT as aggressive a bird as the Budgies are, and the Conures are all what I would call feisty and on the pushy side.

Keep both birds in separate cages forever, and make sure when and if they are out at the same time that you or another human are in the same room to keep them from fighting and being injured. Whoever is watching them cannot look away even for a moment.

Your new bird will also need to visit an Avian Vet before coming into your home as most new birds, especially from pet stores, are already sick when purchased. These infections are highly contageous, so you can end up with two sick birds and all that expense if you don't take new one to Avian Vet BEFORE coming home. Some of these infections are deadly, and so you have to be very careful when introducing new birds.

You will most likely never be able to cage these two together, and so will need a large cage for each with natural branch wood perches, lots of room and toys to play with.They both need to be eating a high quality pelleted diet like some of the ones Tracie carries out here. Healthy birds spend lots less time at the Avian Vet's office than do the ones eating all seed diets with or without vitamin/mineral supplements. Nothing beats a healthy natural diet to keep birds in perfect health.


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