Birds overgrown beak splits

Recently I visited my friend who has an eighteen year old Cockatiel named Misty and as usual before I left I said I’d like to say hello to Misty. My friend said Sandra Misty is sick he’s not eating or drinking since three days. I said why you didn’t mention that to me, we usually talk every day on the phone. I would’ve come and have a look at him and do something about it; you can’t just leave him to die. I walked over to the cage and said hello Misty when I saw him sitting very quietly on a perch in the corner of his cage. He looked at me and quickly turned his head. I went and faced him and I was very sad when I saw that his lower beak was split in the middle and the upper one got stuck between the split.

I said to my friend, didn’t you or your husband noticed your bird’s beak had been overgrown and split. That’s preventing him from eating and drinking. My friend said Sandra we cannot see too well and at that moment my heart just sunk. I didn't realised that they couldn't see very well. I said Misty needs to go to an Avian Vet immediately. She said tomorrow we will see about that, I said this can’t wait for tomorrow. If he doesn’t get to a vet right now he may die overnight; he has already been three days without food and water.

Misty had never been to a vet in all his eighteen years of life so I called my bird’s vet. I asked if he’d take Misty in and the vet said not today Sandra tomorrow, we are very busy today. I told him the problem and said tomorrow maybe too late. It’s already been three days since Misty hasn’t eaten or drank. He said ok I will try to squeeze in Misty at 6pm but as I've already said we are very busy; so you may’ve to wait very long. I said it doesn’t matter I’m willing to wait for hours because I’ll not sleep knowing this little bird can’t eat or drink.

I left my friends to get dress and came home. I got dressed and took my bird’s traveling cage for Misty. Although I got few bites I manage to put him into it and all three of us went to the vet. We waited awhile and when the vet eventually saw Misty he was very sad to see the condition of Misty’s beak. He filed the broken parts of the beak then trimmed his nails which were extremely long and Misty got a thorough exam that evening. When we returned home I wanted Misty to eat something soft. I baked a potato, cooled it and gave him a piece; he ate very little. The next day he was happy, eating, drinking and playing as usual. The vet wasn't expensive; nail trim, beak trim and filed and a thorough check up was fair. I was willing to foot the bill for Misty but my friends had the money.

I wrote the above in details to tell my story because recently one evening I had learned a valuable lesson that I want to share. Everyone that may’ve a friend or friends that are less sighted than you are please think about this story. If you can lend your eyes to help your friends please do so. Check in on them as possible as you can and see if there’s anything that you can do to help them. Especially if they may've any kind of animals; not only birds. God will surely reward you all. I've always invited my friends to come up for a few glasses of wine and sometimes dinner but I “rarely” visit them. NOW I'll visit them regularly and especially to see little Misty.
I knew that my friends both wore eyeglasses but I never thought for a moment that they weren't seeing properly with it. I also wear eyeglasses because I'm farsighted and I can see very clearly with it; so I didn’t think that my friends had such a problem with their vision until now. I am so very sorry. I’ll be taking Misty for his follow up next month but for now he’s looking handsome and very happy. I'm posting 2 pictures of Misty with her split beak.
Thanks everyone for reading and God bless all.

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Jan 30, 2014
Bird's beak trimmed
by: Tracie

Visit the page below for pictures after the beak was trimmed.

Jan 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

this is a very touching story, thank God for friends such as you are.God bless you. misty is a very fortunate bird to have a friend like you.your friends are very fortunate too. God bless all of you.

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