Birds Toe Possibly Twisted?

by Amanda

Hello, today my bird flew out of it's cage and landed on top of my rat cage. Before I could remove my bird, my rat was able to get a hold of his foot, and what it seems like, twisted one of his toes.

There was severe bleeding at first, but I have aided my bird to where he is hardly bleeding at all. Occasionally, his foot will start to bleed again when he climbs around his cage so, I have placed him in an area where he cannot climb around.

I took a closer look at my bird and noticed that his toe appears to be twisted nearly 180 degrees. There is also a large bump where my rat has bitten him.

Is there anything I can do for my bird? When ever he is on his perch, he lifts his leg since he is in pain and it makes me so sad.

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Aug 17, 2008
bloody toe
by: Anonymous

Birds do not clot so you should keep steptic around. You knopw, the salt stick that men use when they cut themselves shaving. A durg store shiould have some. If you can't find any baking soda will stop the bleeding. The bird should not be in the same room as the rat, The rat probably broke his toe. It will be painful for awhile. I would pour some hydrogen perxiode to keep it for becomming infected. Any bite from another animal can become infected. If it looks like it's infected take your bird to avaian vet asap. Good luck!

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