by Shawn
(New Hampshire)

I am sure everyone has ran into the constant marketing of his "training system" I would like to find out if there are any users of this system or another one for help on training a parrot. I don't want to put any additional stress on the amazon I own so I wanted to throw a question out there in hopes to get feedback from people who have seen it first hand.

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Jul 31, 2009
training videos
by: Ros

I paid for some training video and potty training. I think the set up would have been good if my computer hadn't re-incarnated and lost my stuff and password etc.. The problem I also had was that enough was never enough - there was always more advertising and more things that got sent for me to buy and it was quite difficult to just buy a couple of simple things. The potty training did work well. We havn't been too consistent but our lorry will poo on cue in the morning (first thing) and about 60 percent of the time. At least she did before she decided she hates me.

Sep 20, 2008
Birdtricks free training videos
by: Tammy

I don't like Chet's pushy personality and language all the time, but I do like his training videos. I have not purchased trick training stuff, just the helpful ones. Even his free stuff is great!

Tracie has these ads on this site and she says the same thing, so she must like them too! It's just the teacher's proud personality that is not so great.

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