Birnie's mom

by Deb
(Cranston, RI)

I purchased my African Grey from a "Rescue". He is 10 years old and will not go on my hand to take him off or out of his cage. How do I get him accustomed to me taking him out or off his cage with my hand? Before the Rescuer - his owner kept him in his cage...

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Sep 24, 2010
Birnie's mom
by: Linda

Your bird is what is called "cage bound" when people neglect them and never take them out or let them out of cage. This a form of abuse, and your work is going to be hard and long.

First, Birnie has to be seen and examined thoroughly by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Make sure he is seen ONLY by an Avian Vet as regular dog and cat vets will either do nothing or kill him as they are not trained to treat birds.

Once he has a clean bill of health or you get done with giving him meds, then look at some of the training information here on this site. Make sure he has a clean bill of health before any training because a sick bird cannot learn and feels too bad to be handled. Also he needs to be eating high quality organic pellets which Tracie carries on this site. Harrisions is the best and some of the others can be mixed in with it so bird has some variety. Feed only organic fruit and veggies and NO PEOPLE FOOD OF ANY KIND as these are poison for birds.

So, take Birnie to Avian Vet to be checked for infections, parasites and have basic blood work done to see how kidneys, liver, thyroid and parathyroid are functioning. Being that he was neglected, he could have problems in one of those areas, so have the blood work done for his and your sake.

Here is a link on how to change from seeds to organic pellets written by an Avian Vet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Training information is found here and other places on the internet. Your bird will have to learn to trust you, and trust is earned, NOT freely given. He has been abused and neglected, so give him a chance to become himself and do not be in any kind of hurry as he is already damaged, and stress and tension will damage him further. God Bless You for taking him in and giving him the first loving home he may have ever seen. You will be rewarded for all your care and attention times 10-100, so do the best you can for him, and you will have a friend for life. Your rewards will come quickly as you give him more and more reasons to trust you. The Grey's are the best talkers of all the parrots and have a funny/quirky sense of humor as well. They are wonderful, warm birds who adore their families and will do anything to hear you laugh. All this will come in time, so work toward it with commitment to your bird and faith in yourself and your bird.


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