biting amazon parrot

by julie
(sheffield uk)

just bought a 10 yr old orange amazon.and hes biting all the time he bites when we go to cage to get him out. can anyone help

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Oct 23, 2011
biting amazon parrot
by: Anonymous

hiya.mine is the same.i got a 10 year old orange winged amazon 2 weeks ago,hes biting when we put our hand out and say step up,he dont break the skin but hes nippy,,also he doesnt want to play at all..he flys and stays on my curtain pole all the time...please help

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Oct 18, 2011
Biting Amazon
by: Traci

I have only had my Orange wing amazon for 7 weeks and he still bites hard and sometimes softly, im with him for hour and hours and I know he loves me the most out of me and my partner. Iv been trying to get him to step up and hes just starting putting two feet on me but still holds onto the cage with his beak but hes starting to really trust me.. Even when hes playing and wants strokes and hang upside down, he still bites. If I leave my hand there long enough he bites really hard, even when iv walked off and left hi and looked upset, he doesnt care, he still bites. Hes out of his cage all day long and I even feed him from a spoon sometimes.. I guess he is very very very spoilt and doesnt need to learn not to bite if hes till getting all the love, food and attention any bird could possibly get. Maybe if I start laying down the law, my birdie will know who's boss - at the moment hes the boss. Time for change I think, before I have no skin on my hands left. Traci

Oct 16, 2011
biting amazon parrot
by: Linda

Hi! I've had Amazons for many years', and it takes any bird a while to settle in and settle down. The training materials Tracie put in the letter will help as will coming to understand the Amazon by reading books and internet information about them. They are not as emotionally "needy" as some of the other parrots like the Greys and the Cockatoos, and their emotional strength is one of the qualities I dearly love about them. It will turn out to be a blessing in time, so hang in there.

Start using a perch to get him out of cage and put him back for a while. The worst thing to do at this point is to give up. A 10 year old Amazon is becoming set in his ways and is probably very angry that he had to be re-homed. Every time any of the parrots are moved to yet another home, there is a feeling of defeat and loss for them. It seems they are always starting over with all the stress that goes with that.

My message is to do some reading and begin to understand Amazon behavior. Also understand what he may be feeling which is dread at being moved and maybe having to be moved again.

Take a stand for your birds' welfare and do not let this kind of behavior ruin chances for making these birds wonderful companions. They are expecting you to give up which is what everyone else does, and each move makes behavior worse until everyone gives up. Patience and a rigid commitment to your birds' happiness is what is needed here. The birds will come around in time to the fact they will not have to leave again, and begin to trust you. Trust is earned not freely given which is where you are at this time.

Keep up the good work and know that your birds need your love and commitment and that it IS a matter of life and death for the birds.

Many thanks for writing and stay in touch as you move through all this. We're always here,


Oct 16, 2011
Amazon parrot biting
by: Tracie

This is a problem with some Amazons. Even with training they can become impossible to handle when hormonal.

We do have some training materials on our Parrot Training page, but I strongly suggest you purchase some Amazon specific books that talk about training and how to deal with hormonal issues.

Oct 16, 2011
biting Amazon
by: Maggie

Mine is biting also. He's 10 y/o and I've had him about a month. He talks a lot when my 13 y/o son is around but does not talk as much with me. He seems more aggresive when my son is here which is every other week.
I can't help you because I'm having the same problem. I adore this bird and would like to know how to help him with his "bird issues".

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