Biting Behavior

by Melinda

We have a Jardine Parrot, we believe he is about 8 years old we got him from an acquantaince about a year ago. He has chosen me as he main person. I can do no wrong and he has never bite me. He has bite my partner when we first got him but rarely bites her anymore.

However he routinely flys at both my kids and especially my son. He will fly at them and land and then start to bite them. he will stop biting when I yell at him. He then flys back to me. At which time he is "timed out" in his cage. There seems to be no reason for this behavior.

This morning we were all at the table eating breakfast parrot included when he ran across table and landed on my son and bite him. Why is the parrot doing this and how do I correct the behavior. Ollie is an adorable little guy. We have been working with Ollie and my son. Ollie will allow my son to "tickle him" Ollie will also sit on my sons shoulder for short periods. But then ten minutes later Ollie is attacking. Neither one of the kids does anything to torture or harass the bird. Ollie will take treats from either of the kids and is quite gently while taking food.

If anyone could provide us with some help we would appreciate it.

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Jan 11, 2013
Biting Behaviour
by: D Singh

Hi Melinda,I do think that you've a jealous bird, he's jealous of your interaction with your son. Maybe he's seen you both sitting and hugging and he's jealous, so every opportunity he gets, he bites him. He loves you and doesn't wants ANYONE to touch or even sit near you. I'd experienced that with my 4 year old Amazon, Sid and my 25 year old daughter, Bianka. I hope my solution would work for you.
Bianka visits on week-ends and Sid would say hi Banka(Bianka)how're you? She answers and then say hi Mom and kisses me (he sees). She goes straight to his cage and takes him out and both sit on the sofa, she kisses him then he bites her her lip; it bleeds. I maybe in the kitchen, all of a sudden I'll hear Bianka screams and say Sid, you're naughty and I'd know exactly what had happened. As soon as he does that he'll laugh very loudly and flies into his cage and sits quietly as if he knows nothing or he will flies to where I am.
If he comes to me I'll take him, sit with them both and talk to him very sternly. I'll ask Bianka to hug me while I speak. I'll tell him that he DOES NOT bite. I'll let them both kiss and I'll kiss him and her. I'll say to him, you must not get jealous and he says is eh, eh, then starts sending kisses; that doesn't fool me, he will be returned to his cage and not taken out until next day. If he flies in his cage, I'll go to his cage, takes him out and do the same.
He does NOT bites her in front of me but he'll wait patiently until I'm gone and he can't see me then he'll bites her. He doesn't forget that she HAS to pay, "for him being jealous". You've to let birds know that you'll not tolerate any biting.
He bit me once when I was holding a year and a half old child. I immediately handed the child to her mother and spoken to him very sternly before returning him to his cage. They do understand according to the tone of your voice. I've stopped his biting by immediately.
Now, whenever Bianka visits, she does everything as usual and he sees BUT he knows the outcome if he bites her; now he DOES NOT. All birds are not the same and what stops one from biting may not stop the other but it's worth a try. I've never stopped Bianka from kissing me in front of him and I've always kissed him in front of her and I'll tell him that Mummy loves you and Mummy loves Bianka; my two children then I'll let him kiss Bianka and give him to her. Sometimes I'll go in the kitchen to see his reaction and he has really stopped the biting. Melinda, you can try this method and see if it works, I do wish you both good luck and God bless.

Jan 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

We had a SUN CONURE since she was 3 months old, she was trained by all of us but as she got older which is now 1 yr and a half, she decided that my husband and I were the only two people she would love and accept, she tolerates my 7 yr old when she wants to, but she will BITE her.

Some adult parrots grow into their new adult character and it may or may not always be what you like, I can only say that you are doing right by letting your bird know that YOU are in charge and that YOU will not tolerate this behavior. Have your son give it a treat and walk away, give it a toy and walk away, do simple things and walk away, reinforce positive, when he is nice to your son, give your parrot a happy word and treat. When he is nasty ignore and walk away. This part is hard, let your son know and he can't show the parrot FEAR even when he goes to BITE, just a slow walk away and tell him to say NO, get your bird to understand the word NO.

Tracy will direct you to training TIPS. Every bird is different so what works for one make not work all of the time for the other, the idea is not to give in, not to give up TIME will FORCE some CHANGE!

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