biting cockatoo just adopted help

by gayle
(kansas city ks)

I just adopted a 15 yr old too that was so sweet for the first two weeks and now has gone psycho on me///he almost took off my index finger tonite/ He was soooo sweet to begin with what happened??? I am hurt and perplexed ////my finger is holding on barely/// I am a true animal lover and hate to give up on him/ Maybe I have spoiled him .....please help me

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Oct 21, 2009
Biting Too
by: Linda

If you have only had him for a week or two and are already thinking of getting rid of him, your commitment to him is lacking stamina or not there. Yes, biting hurts, and behavior problems are very complex.

At this age, there are probably many factors involved. Tracie has some training links on her Parrot Training page, and you can look them over and get some help from professional parrot trainers.

The very first thing you need do is take him to an Avian vet and have him thoroughly checked out for physical problems. This includes testing for infections and having blood drawn for a Comprehensvie Blood Panel where vet can see what condition his liver, kidneys, thyroid and so forth are in.

Please do this BEFORE you attempt any training with him because sick birds are testy all the way to very aggressive. The reasons for his biting are many-fold, and it will take time to get to the bottom of it. These birds are passed around from one home to another and none of them address behavioral problems. So the problems are worse with each new home. Parrots are highly intelligent roughly emotional/mental level of 4-5 year old human children.His trust has been broken time and time again, and he EXPECTS you to be like all the rest and dump him when the going gets rough.

As for handling him, I suggest you use a perch to pick him up with and get a clean pair of work gloves a couple sizes too big so when he bites he gets only glove fabric instead of your fingers. The gloves will most likely scare him, so try and use the stick as much as you can to move him from here to there and kind of start over with him.I know some people are against the gloves, and I'm sure YOU ARE AGAINST LOSING ANY MORE FINGERS!!!!!

Diets lacking in basic nutrition will take their toll too. He needs to be eating a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's and Tracie carries it here. They also make a Birdy Bread mix that will help with a changeover from seeds if that is what he eats. Seeds are a very poor diet for birds even with fruit and veggie additions. This is why he needs to go to vet and see if he has physical problems. If he has a physical problem, he will not get better, so PLEASE TAKE HIM TO AVIAN VET BEFORE ANY MORE TIME GOES BY.

I know your finger is badly injured. He has probably been mishandled in the past, fed a horrible diet and possibly even abused. So either make a FULL COMMITMENT TO HIM OR FIND HIM A NEW HOME.TAKE HIM TO AVIAN VET BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE IF HE IS SICK, HE NEEDS A DOCTOR, AND WHILE IN YOUR CARE, HE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Do the right thing by him. Be different from all the others who have had him in the past, and YES, YOU CAN SPOIL THEM, BUT MAKING A REAL COMMITMENT TO, FEELING COMPASSION FOR AND LOVING THEM ARE NOT SPOILING.


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