Biting Green Cheeked Conure

by Antonio J Mesa
(South Amboy, NJ USA)

I just purchased a Green Cheek Conure from a local Petco store.. from what I was told her is 6 months old give or take .. he is a male .. and is kinda nice but can be very aggressive .. he bites hard .. please give me some advice on how i can train it to stop biting me ... I have a clicker .. I heard I can use that but have no idea how too .. where to begin .. thank u

Lcpl Mesa

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Mar 05, 2008
Answer to conure biting
by: Anonymous

Hi Antonio, Your conure is testing you and his new surroundings. when you bite and react, the conure gets the ammusing result he wants. when he bites lean your finger or hand into the bite, this will take him off guard, distract him and he will loose his ballence. you will regain controle if you act like you are not bothered by the bite.

you can also quickly and very gently turn him over on his back into your palm and place your other fingers (thumb and pointer) on his cheeks and behind his upper beak. talk calm and quiet and try to pet his beak...always say the same "gentle beak" or "no bite". when you hold him and he does not bite, use your clicker and then immediatly give him a treat that he loves.

the click should mean that he gets a treat for being good...not biting, doing a trick or being quiet (instead of screaming) lastly, give it some time, and read a clicker training manual. it will all work out eventually if you are kind, and consistant.

Dec 27, 2007
Suggestions to stop a biting Conure
by: Tracie

Hello Antonio,

Rather than repeat all that I have already written, please look at the navigation bar on the left of this page and click on the "Parrot Training" button.

Please read the article on biting once you arrive on our Parrot Training page.

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