biting indian ringneck

by mel

hi i ve just bought a indian ringneck home and he really goes for me but when he was at his other home he come out the cage and loved his cuddles and loved being held what can i do

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Sep 11, 2009
Biting Ringneck
by: Linda

Depending on how long, "just bought" has been, your bird is mad and hurt that he had to leave the comfort of his other home. He will get better with you in time once he trusts you. Birds are highly intelligent, roughly like a 4-5 year old human child, and they want what they want. He may be grieving his other family, and you need to understand that trust is EARNED NOT GIVEN FREELY. You also need to develop compassion for him if he is in the middle of grieving his lost family. You are strangers to him at this point. Keep working with him, praising every LITTLE THING HE DOES RIGHT, and firmly say NO when he bites. This does not mean to yell at him and lose your temper and get loud. A firm NO will do. If you lose your temper with your bird, you will lose all hope of teaching him anything. Believe me I know from personal experience that when WE "lose it", then we have also "lost" the bird for the moment. There is some training information out here, so check it out. It can help you with ways to handle this without being handled by it if you understand what I mean.

In time, if you keep working with your bird, feeding him a high quality food, taking him to the vet when needed, he will come to trust you. If you did not take your bird to an Avian Vet already, then do so and make sure he is not ill with an infection. When birds are moved, their stress level goes way up, and this is when they can become ill. Just call and make an appointment and take him on in BEFORE any type of training program. A SICK BIRD DOES NOT FEEL LIKE BEING NICE TO YOU OR PLAYING OR LEARNING NEW THINGS.


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