Biting metatarsal pads

by Justin

My Rosella is biting her metatarsal pads. First one, now the other. No obvious drainage other than bloodied. Pads are darkened with swollen outer edges. No other symptoms noted. What can I do at home other than cleansing her pads before I take her to the Vet? What is safe to use on her? What could be the problem?

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May 24, 2011
Possible bumblefoot
by: The Avian Vet

She could have bumblefoot, or other type of infection. This is often related to nutrition, in particular, vitamin A deficiency. She could also have injuries related to the perches or substrate in the cage. There may be circulatory problems with her feet, or even a neuropathy. There are potentially other causes, too. I recommend that you take her to an avian veterinarian. I would not recommend any treatments until she is diagnosed. If the bleeding has stopped, then do nothing and take her in immediately.

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Dr B
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