biting meyer

by bruce and barbara
(Lodi california)

dizzy loves peanuts

dizzy loves peanuts

hello...we adopted a meyer parrot named Dizzy..were the 4th family to have this bird...she bites and then everyone that has had her gets afraid of her..we are not sure of her age...where do we start training to stop her biting ??

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Apr 23, 2008
Biting Meyer's
by: Tracie

Having a biting bird is a real struggle, I know. I have written an article about this. You can read it by clicking the 6th button down on the left of your screen. It is under Parrot Training.

You will have to have patience and understanding to help this poor bird. I think it is great that you took him on. He is such a beautiful bird too! He certainly looks happy.

Please post back if you have any other questions after trying some of the things in the article.

Apr 23, 2008
Biting Meyer
by: Marcia

Hi am owned by a Senegal named Sydney she is now 11 years old.But when she came to me over 10 years
ago she was such a biter.She had been through so much because she had come from a crazy cage.That's
a cage where they put all the birds that they couldn't handle.With patience and time she came around.But we had to give her lots of treats and then one day we won her over.Today she is such a sweet girl.

I think your problem is since she has been through
so many homes she has trust issues.The way to conquer that is slowly and by giving her healthy treats like small pieces of fruit and vegetables that she can hold in her talons,nutriberries,toast
with peanut butter on it.Since your not sure of her age it could also be hormonal too.You could also spend time sitting by her cage and talking,reading or singing to her.She will eventually get used to you.I wish you well and I hope this helps you.

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