Biting Parakeet

by Adee
(Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan)

I have a newly weaned parrot(Rose-ringed Parakeet). He is afraid of fingers because the pet shop person caught it from the nest and often they caught the bird tightly with their bare hands. He tries to bite my finger when inside the cage, if I don't respond to the bite with an OUCH or something he starts running from my hand but outside the cage he doesn't bite at all but obeys my every command. What am I supposed to do to stop this behavior?

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May 06, 2008
Biting when in cage
by: Tracie

Hello Adee,

My birds are cage territorial also. Some birds will bite the fire out of you when you have your hands or arms in their cage or near their favorite toy or food.

I don't know that you can get them to stop, since it is built in them. My birds are less aggressive since I started putting on a light jacket when I change out things in their cage.

Buddy will come and attack me, but when I don't respond he quits. It takes the fire out of him for sure! After doing this all winter, due to my wearing a light jacket all day, now they come and act like they are going to attack but don't do hardly any damage.

Most of the time I let them come out of the cage on their own and then either leave them on top the cage or pass them on to someone while I mess with their cage. I don't want to encourage the behavior, so avoidance is the best option in my opinion. I am invading their territory!

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