biting parrotlets

by pamela
(chester sc)

i have just got 2 parrotlet the pet store said they have been wean for 3weeks the one that i to believe is female bites all the time i dont know if they were hand raised i need help i really love these little guys

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Aug 05, 2011
Which is better male or female?
by: Amanda

Hi I have done all my research but cant seem to find a straight answer to that question.. I don't want to spend all that money and have made the wrong decision.. I only want 1 and want it to be people friendly, socialized, and want to come out and play/ learn..I am home all one better then the other..? I too know of someone that had a male and landed up getting rid of it b/c it was so nippy and nasty...I want to teach mine to play and talk..any suggestions?

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Aug 03, 2011
by: Kate

I have somewhat of the same problem. My boyfriend has a female parrotlet and my mom has a male parrotlet. The female is the best. I actually got her at the pet store i used to work at and hand raised her since the age of 3 weeks old. She Hardly ever nips just is overall a great bird who chirps all day long, makes the kissy noise, chases and picks up jingly cat toys and small whistles. The male on the other hand is very nippy and flighty. I rescued him at a presumed 8 months old when he was at the point of no handleing he just didnt even know how to step up. With time and patience, he is gettig better, weve only had him for about 4 months. So keep working at it. I definatly think it is a combination how they are trained from day 1 to how much they trust you. Maybe separating them would be a good idea so you can have one on one time. Parrotlets are awesome, enjoy your new little birds they are such a joy!!

Aug 02, 2011
Parrotlets biting
by: Tracie

Parrotlets are beautiful, but also cute, birds. Unfortunately, many tend to be nippy even if hand fed. The fact that you have two will potentially add to this problem because they will bond with each other and not with you.

Please read the articles on our Parrot Training page for help in teaching them a new behavior to replace the nipping.

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