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Aug 29, 2011
biting parrott
by: Linda

The Amazons do not like being petted much after they are older. If would be a great idea to do some research on the internet, including buying a book or two, about the entire Amazon family of parrots. These birds are wonderful, and I have always loved them, and they are a bit more independent than some of the other parrots.

So, learn about your bird's behavior, and you won't get bit so much. This is called RESPECT for your bird's preferences, and if you show no respect for your bird's wishes, then you will continue to be bitten. My Amazons have always encircled a finger with their beak when they have had enough of the petting stuff. This was a non-painful warning, and if I had pushed it a bit further, would have been a real bite.

So, do your study on your bird's behavior and always keep in mind that parrots are exotic wild animals, not domesticated now or ever, and they wish to be treated as members of their "parrot" flock would treat them in the wild. There is mutual respect among bird flocks, and trust is earned not freely given from birds to their human caretakers. Read and study abour your bird as well as members of other species of the parrot family. Always something new to learn and always very interesting.

Thanks for writing,

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