"Biting" Sun Conure

by Shayna

I have a sun conure named Larrikin, who is a little over a year old. I'm not sure of the gender, but I call her a girl. She's friendly enough, but she "bites." I say it in quotes because she's not really biting - it's more like she's chewing on my fingers...really, really, hard. She draws blood every time.

I was told that they do this, and that she would grow out of it. She hasn't. She'll be sitting on my hand or shoulder or wherever, happy and playing with a foot toy, and then she just grabs a hold of the nearest body part and starts chewing. I've tried telling her no, putting her back in her cage, the "earthquake" method - nothing seems to work. How can I make her stop doing this?

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Dec 07, 2010
New Baby Conure Biting
by: Anonymous

I just recently adopted a 51/2 month old sun conure, who is also biting and making a striking move of biting, I then wrap her/him in a towel and I am able to pet her/him. I am now training him/her to do the touching method, but she/he won't hear of it. Won't take treats like other birds either.

Nov 07, 2010
by: max

my little 6 month old coco is a sun conure and she wont stop snapping you can go to give her a scratch and wham she grabs on and tries not to let go and for some reason shes almost deathly afraid of her new calcium stick and goes berko when i grab her to put her in her cage she screams,thrashes please help thnx a million!

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May 14, 2010
biting cunure
by: Anonymous

i got a (dna tested) sun conure who is 8 months old. he always nips me for no reason and it get anoying i did have a barraband that died 2 months ago when my mum stood on her and iam qiete experianced with birds but no tactics are working with tinga

Oct 06, 2009
sun conured biteing
by: Anonymous

i got this bird about 3 weeks ago ,at first he came out on my finger but ever sense then he reaches out to bite and he will bite hie cage is his house,his wings are not clip,sometime hell get startal and will fly around and land on my shoulder,but after putting in cage and leaveing it open he still reaches out to bite....

Apr 13, 2009
Sun Conure biting
by: Tracie

I know it is frustrating when a bird chews on you and you know they are not trying to be mean. It seems you have really tried to do everything correct.

Have you read the articles on our Parrot Training page? They may give you more ideas. Consistency is very important. If the bird gets by with it once in a while, just like a child they will keep testing the limit of your authority.

Chet has great training also. You can check out his free bird training help and see if that helps too.

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