Bitting Lori

by Terri
(Sydney, australia)

Hi, My boyfriend has a 6 month old Rainbow lorikeet named Petey. He is so much fun, and makes us laugh for hours on end. He loves having showers, and sticking his head into the fridge when i am making dinner. He is a sweet bird at times, he gets concerned when i am sick or upset. But sometimes he will get really agressive with me, bitting my hand and screaming. Flying at my face and clawing at me. I can tell he is destressed and it is not him being playful.

I thought it may have been a jealousy thing...but I am never near my boyfriend when this happens, sometimes he does it when it is just me and him alone.

I love him to bits, but i dont want to put up with this behavour from him when i haven't done anything to set him off. I haven't done anything unusual, and it is usually my Boyfriend how shouts agressively at him to be quite. I am always sweet to him and bring him treats home.

Please help! I want my sweet bird back :(

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Apr 23, 2011
Lori becoming aggressive
by: Tracie

Sometimes birds become aggressive when they get old enough to breed. You will need to work at replacing the unwanted behavior with another behavior. This is a long process, so I will just send you to our Parrot Training page for more information.

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