bitting love bird

by sandy

hi heres hoping you can help i have a couple of love birds i got them as a couple but to find out later they are both ladys they have a big fly free cage out side but as its getting cold i have got them indoors they still have a big cage they have always been very nice came and say hello and have a hug but one of them has started to bit and will not let go i try to get her off but until she ready she will just not let go this is very painful and i end up bleeding its very time i put my hand in the cage she gets me hahaha when i am trying to feed them its just the same i try 3 times today and very time she bites me WHAT AM I DOING to upset her so bad ???? thank you

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Dec 02, 2009
bitting love bird
by: Linda

Your birds are wild and will need to be tamed. There is some training material on the Parrot Training page on this site, so you may want to look at it and see where you should start. As for feeding, you need a cage with the swivel out cups so you don't have to put your hands into the cage. What I recommend is that you separate the two birds or taming and training won't work very well. As long as they are together, they will band against you. If you can get a couple of smaller cages with the swivel out cups, then that would be best for you and the birds. When getting them out of cage, use a perch and start working with them to learn to step up on it.

Since they have been outside, they have become very wild and this will take a lot of time to get them settled down. Look at the training material out here, and there is also a wealth of information on the internet you can make use of.

Putting them into two smaller cages will be the best way to get started. That way, you can work with one at a time instead of having to deal with the two together.

You may also consider taking them to an Avian (bird) vet in your area as they may be sick and need medicine from the bird doctor. Sometimes when birds are outside they become infected with what some of the wild birds have like bacterial infections and/or parasites. So before training, take them to the Avian vet for a checkup and any medicines they may need.

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