Black Cap Conure gone MEAN!

A few months ago my boyfriend Patrick and I received two conures from a lady we had met at a near by PetCo. She said that she didn't have enough time for them anymore and wanted to give them away. So we took their 4 year old female Green Cheek Conure named Razz, and their 14 year old male Black Cap Conure named Fritz.

Things were great for a while. Raz wasn't trained other than to step up, but Fritz could step up and give kisses. We loved him, but the owners warned us that he could be a bit mean. He never was for a while, but then I found out that my mother would mess with them and scare them while we weren't around.

She said that Fritz would puff up and start making clicky noises among other bird noises and would move his head around and also bite his toys and try to thrash them around. About a week or so later he started doing the same thing to me, and then shortly after, he started doing the same to Patrick. Even though Patrick always had him out and was in love with this bird.

I can't take it anymore! I don't know what to do and he won't stop behaving like this no matter what we do. He isn't mean to strangers, however, so I've been thinking about finding him a new owner. But I'm also on the fence about it because he is super attached to the female, Razz. Anytime he can't see her, he flips out.

Also, when we got them, the previous owners clipped their wings. Since then, they've grown back on both Razz and Fritz. Razz can fly, but Fritz cannot. Patrick thinks he may have been clipped since he was born and doesn't know how to fly but I'm not too sure. He's an older bird and doesn't get a good grip on our fingers and he often hunkers down.

This bird is very confusing and I need help before I lose it!

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Nov 28, 2014
Clip his wings
by: Anonymous

I agree with the comment about clipping the birds wings. I have a two year old green cheeck who I hand fed from 6weeks old. He is the sweetest little guy, when his wings are clipped. Once the flight feathers start to get too long he gets a bit nasty and somewhat aggressive! We are BOTH much happier when he cannot fly :)

Sep 23, 2014
Aggressive behavior
by: Tara

We have two conures, a Nanday (black-capped femalle, CoCo and a Jenday male, Buddy.
We have had them a couple of years. I wrote in earlier about aggressive jenday behavior. I have foud them to be very loving but easily upset. CoCo loves my daughter, but not her sister. She thinks it is fun to swoop down at her and pull her hair. So sometimes she is not allowed out around her.

Buddy sounds more like your problem. We had a honeymoon period for a few months. Then he decided he loves me and no one else. He will ask fora kiss and then bite my daughter and fly after her. Having his wings clipped though makes all the difference. I think that his male dominance is the problem. If his wings are clipped he is so much sweeter. I hate him not being able to fly but he is happier not being in lock down and in trouble.

Just a thought, your bird may be upset that the othr bird can now fly and he can not. They are very smart. Maybe try trimming both birds wings for a while to see if it helps.

Hormones levels also fluctuate causing grumpy behaviors too. Parrots take lots of patience and understanding. Try a less stimulating area of the house maybe. If Buddy bites me, I find that wrapping him gently in a blanket and firmly but calmly saying, "no, we don't bite" and then putting him in his cage helps. He needs to know you are the dominant bird. They think they are our partners more than our pets. Yelling and getting angry can actually seem exciting to them so doesn't make it any better. Birds in the wild love to scream and loud noises can be fun, so stay calm but firm. Hopefully when you figure out what is upsetting him he will be nicer again. They really aren't easy birds to figure out. But I really love ours and think they are worth it.

Sep 23, 2014
Help training your bird
by: Tracie

Please visit our Parrot Training page for help in training your bird.

If the birds share a cage, they may be bonding with each other instead of you. If you don't handle the birds every day, then conures tend to get out of hand.

Read our conure articles, our conures decided they hated me, even though I was the one that handled them every day and fed them. You can't make birds like you, but you can train them not to bite you.

As far as visitors go, keep them in the cage and they won't bite anyone. ;-)

If you find another home for these birds, please don't purchase more birds until you read up on the species and accept that any bird you purchase may have a personality change. Are you willing to love and care for the bird even if it can't be handled? If not, get a dog or a cat. (Not said in an ugly way, just wanting you to get what will meet your needs and save a bird from being rehomed or ignored)

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