Black Cap Conure recent actions

by Kathie

My conure is about 4 years old. He is really close to me and he also likes my dad, daughter and nieces. Lately he is bitting us more. He is now trying to walk on the floor like my dog. He doesn't want to go to sleep at night. When I go to cover him he usually goes to his bed, but now he goes to the bottom and sometimes tries to push cage open.

He is also shaking his head every so often, but daily now, like if something is bothering him, not bobbing. I do hear and see him eating and drinking. His poop is the dark greenish brown with white. He is also doing a little dance I call the humpty dance where is shake his tail side side to side then make a high screeching noise when he is done. He has done this daily for the past few days.

He he is not picking his feathers or has any discharge from his eyes,ears or beak. I know he gets scared sometimes and bites, but it has been happening more and more and today he bit me so hard, I was in tears and that was just from trying to pick him up from the bathroom floor to go to my room. Thanks in advance for any help.