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Sep 23, 2011
Black dots
by: Anonymous

I am not advising you on what it IS, but I will share an experience I had.

I knew NOTHING about cockatiels, yet took in a pair of breeders that were SEVERELY neglected and ill just to get them out of the bad home they were in. Once they were vetted and treated, they bred like no other, producing a clutch of 5 babies.

Once the babies were weaned (I chose to pull and hand feed at 2 weeks), I noticed that one of the babies had a beak that was growing slightly longer, and was constantly moving her beak. I looked into her mouth and found a black spot on each side of her tongue, and immediately called the vet to do a home visit to check all of the birds.

Turns out that OUR baby had a vitamin A deficiency, even though we had her on a mix of 90% Roudybush with 10% Zupreem fruit pellets (for added texture/flavor). She refused to eat the fresh fruits and veggies that we were putting out, though her siblings loved the freshies, which was aiding in the deficiency.

She ended up getting several injections from the vet to help balance out the issue, and to this day, remains on vitamin suppliments because she has a problem RETAINING any vitamin A that she does ingest.

Please take your bird to a local avian vet and if she/he APPEARS healthy via the vet's physical exam, have a panel run to check his/her vitamin levels. Could be something as simple as that! :)

Best of luck!

Jan 03, 2011
Quaker behavior
by: The Avian Vet

The black dots are probably normal pigmentation. The beak motion could be a behavior. I see this often in Quakers.

Dr B

Jan 02, 2011
Quaker parrot beak activity
by: Tracie

Did you take your parrot to an avian vet or a regular vet? You might want to find an avian vet, if you are saying that your bird continuously "claps" his beak. Birds do bring up food from their crop, but it is not something they do all day long. Not sure about the black dots either.

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