black spot

by bre

my parakeet has a black spot on his beak

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Mar 12, 2009
parrotlet also has black spot
by: Anonymous

My blue parrotlet has a small black spot on her beak, right in the center. I noticed it about three weeks ago, after I started feeding her jalepeno peppers, she likes to rip them apart to get to the seeds. Ithough it was dirt or a stain. I have had her for about nine months, she just turned one. Her diet has a lot of variety, cooked brown rice, cooked quinoa, seeds, granola, gogi berries, green veggies. Lots of vitamin A and protean. She weighed about 40 grams at her last vet check, she is flighted. Any idea what it could be, should I be concerned?

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Aug 04, 2008
Black spot on beak
by: Tracie

How long have you had the parakeet and how long has the black spot been on it's beak? Please give as much information as you can to help Dr. B answer your question.

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