Black spots on Canary baby skin!

by Lulu

Hi, I have a red factor baby canary (maybe a boy) born on 25th Nov 2011 and I've just noticed that he has black spots on his skin where feathers used to be... there's a clump missing from his back and the spots are from his neck to tail on the back and on the sides of his body but mostly at the back. Is this a serious problem? He seems fine, eats regularly... not fluffed up unless sleeping...

I know his mother rips out a few feathers but there's too many black dots for that to be the case... they're not all over his body but its still quite alarming... :(

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Dec 17, 2011
Canary getting plucked by mother bird
by: Tracie

First, Please get this bird away from the bird that is picking on it. Next, Find an Avian Vet to examine this bird to rule out disease and infection.

The black spots could be dried blood or new feathers coming in. Often birds get picked on by other birds because they are sick, and the other birds know this.

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