Blacked capped male green cheek female

by Paula Knowles
(foster RI)

i had two conures given to me. The owner said since she put the pair together there not so friendly anymore trying to bite. Can i put them in there owen cages?

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Feb 01, 2013
Blacked capped male green cheek female
by: Linda

Since they've grown accustomed to being close with each other, keep cages where they can see each other. When birds pair bond which can happen when two birds of any species are caged together, their need for humans is less since they have each other. This makes taming and training harder to do. With birds who have spent many years' together without too much human interaction, sometimes it is impossible to train them. Parrots of the larger species, mate for life, and this happens regardless of whether they ever breed or not. The pair bonding is an emotional thing and not physically based. Human marriages would last longer if they also bonded in this fashion.

Put them into separate cages and take one at a time out to work with them until they are tamer. You will also need to look at some of the training materials found on this site because they may have reverted back to somewhat of their old, wilder selves since they've been together.

Parrots do not automatically trust new humans, so trust takes time because until both birds feel safe with you in your home, they will be more difficult to handle. As they start to feel safe, everything will be better. Just remember, they are afraid of you, their new home and any new humans or pets. Any behaviors coming from this fear are not personal towards you. Compassion and understanding here will go a long way in making them into perfect companion birds.

We also recommend all new birds need to be examined by an Avian Vet ONLY during the first few days in our homes because a lot of birds come to us already incubating infections which have to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet.

Thanks for writing and the best of everything to you and your new companions.


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