Blacktopping driveway smell

by Angela
(New York)

I live in a small cabin out in the country on a large property. In the next week or so the landlord is going to be blacktopping the long driveway, private road and parking area. My question is will the smell bother my Quaker parrot?

The road and parking area are quite a distance away from my home and I will not be opening any windows during that time. My cabin is well insulated and there are no drafts around the windows or door so I don't anticipate too much odor getting in. I don't have any other place to bring the bird while the paving is going on.

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Apr 15, 2013
Blacktopping fumes
by: The Avian Vet

Your bird should be safe. But watch for respiratory problem symptoms such as tail bobbing and open-mouthed breathing.

Dr B

Apr 10, 2013
Blacktopping driveway smell
by: Linda

This is toxic for birds, dogs and cats. Humans too for that matter though we can take more toxins than the smaller animals. When you say far away, it's hard to picture what you mean. Do you mean 1/2 mile a mile or more? I would move bird out of house until they are done, and after you no longer smell the tar much. If you don't have a friend bird can stay with, find an Avian Vet and board your bird there for however long it takes. Make sure your bird will not be around other birds at the avian vet's or make sure he is checked for infections after the stay. Same rule applies in someone else's home. Have your bird examined after his stay with friends if they have birds.

If your cabin is far enough away from site, there is still going to be tar smell depending on which way the air is moving, and it would be better to be safe than sorry. As warm as it is getting, it is not advisable to seal bird off in a room because this means covering air vents and over and under door and keeping the window closed. Over a period of a week or more, bird will die from lack of oxygen.

So, go ahead and start making calls to the closest Avian Vet to see if your bird can board there. If it's not too far away, you can visit him a time or two while he's away. Make sure he has a toy he likes that reminds him of you. If you have a friend who knows how to take care of birds and preferably knows your bird, this would be better for your bird. If not, do what it takes to keep him safe.


Apr 09, 2013
Blacktopping fumes dangerous for bird?
by: Tracie

Wow, great question! I sent this to our avian vet, Dr B in hopes he will have some wisdom for you. He hasn't been answering lately, so he may be out of town though.

If you do not have any place you can take the bird to stay during this process, then I would ask around and see if anyone has an air purifier you can borrow. Then I would seal off the bird room and run the purifier.

The very best solution would be to put the bird in a travel cage and keep it at a friends house until the smell is gone, I would think.

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