bleeding after nail cut

I recently tried to clip my hahns macaw's nail using the small scissor type clipper- I only snipped a tiny bit off the tip- why did it start to bleed? the nails do need a cutting but after seeing it bleed from the tiny bit removed I am afraid.... thanks

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Jun 03, 2017
we had to take it to the vet
by: Anonymous

This just happened to my flying african grey we tried to appply pressure with corn starch but it didnt work out especially that it flies everywhere!! i called a vet clinic a nurse called and gave us some instructions that we couldnt follow so i had to take him down there and the kind nurse helped stop the blood without even charging us. I am so blessed to have called that number. My african gray is now safe in its cage. Hence I recommend trying to put pressure on the wound using a corn starch covered cotton for 10 minutes but if this doesnt work please take your beloved pet to the vet.

Aug 26, 2016
Bleeding after Nail Clipping
by: JLo

I was so upset when for first time I clipped a tip of my parrot's nail and I saw blood! Thanks for explaining that it's probably because it was let go for so long that vessels are close to the tip. 'cause that's all I cut. The bleeding stopped quickly so I guess there is not much concern. Seeing your response, I feel much better.However, I won't do it again!

Jul 02, 2009
Correct Perch size for African Grey & Jardine
by: Mary (South Carolina)

Bird & Parrot SAFETY PERCH Pedicure
by Sweet Feet & Beak Safe Pedicure Perch

I need 2 perches.
What are the correct perch dimensions for my parrots?
I have an African Grey and I have a Lesser Jardines.

Editors note: You posted your question as an answer to this person's question. If you follow the link above, you will see the perches and a size chart. Typically they would use a medium perch, but you need to see what size they use now to determine for sure the size they need.

Oct 29, 2008
Nail Clipping
by: Anonymous

When clipping your parrot's nails, you need to be very careful not to cut too deep, so it won't bleed. If it starts to bleed, apply pressure and flour/cornstarch to the wound. If the wound will not stop bleeding, try to get your bird to stand in a bowl of cornstrach for 2 to 3 minutes before taking him to the vet.

I try to cut my bird's nails once a week, so the blood vessal will not grow to long.

Sep 30, 2008
Bird nail bleeding after cutting nail
by: Tracie

Dr. B suggests that you take your bird to a vet for nail and wing trims for this very reason. Birds can bleed to death very quickly.

If the nails are long and have not been trimmed in a long time, they probably have the blood supply near the tip.

To keep your bird's nails trimmed, use our Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Perches. They are smooth on the top where their foot sits but rough on the sides where their nail sits.

We have these in all our cages at the food stations, water bottles, and favorite toys areas.

You can copy and past the link below into your browser if you like.

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