Bleeding Beak after a fall

by Kristine

My Australian Rainbow Lorikeet had a fall from the tree and landed on his Beak. He is still eating and drinking but its been a week now and his beak sometimes bleeds. Also recently when i get him out of his cage in the morning he climbs to where ever he wants to sit and goes back to sleep. He is hand reared and usually quite playful. Can anyone help as to what to do about obviously a very sore beak?

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Apr 16, 2010
Thankyou for the advice
by: Kristine

Thanks for your comment and time Tracie. Took him to get checked no internal injuries just my sookie boy with a sore beak. His beak is starting to heal on its own with him rubbing it on cuttlefish. Getting back to his old self slowly. Love your site its fantastic that there is you out there that can help! A big thankyou to you!!!

Apr 13, 2010
Bleeding beak healing
by: Tracie

I don't really know how to help, your bird could have injured more than it's beak. I would take the bird to an avian vet for an exam if I were you.

Let us know how it goes. I hope the vet will be able to help your sweet bird get well fast.

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