bleeding parakeet

Tonight I went to look at my parakeets (I have 4) and I noticed that one of my parakeets had blood on its wing. What am I supposed to do? Do I wait and see if the bleeding stops? It's very late and I'm freaking out!

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Dec 13, 2012
Bleeding birds
by: Anonymous

If you find y our bird is bleeding it's vital to get them to the vet asap.

Reason for this is a bird's blood doesnt colagulate. Which means they will literaly bleed to death. Especially if it's a broken blood feather (new forming feather). The stem of the broken feather acts like a valve, and the blood just pours out of it at a very fast rate.

The bird will need to see a vet, so they can pluck the remaining part of the feather out, they will then apply styptic powder and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Then clean the bird up.

Stypic powder can be purchased at any pet store. You should get some. My bird fell, split her keel open (chest)I immediately applied organic flour to the wound to stop the bleeding. I didnt have stypic powder at the time (bc I didnt think I needed it. Ive got it now tho.) The flour helps to clot the blood almost like stypic powder. It was the next best thing I could think of to use as I know how important it is to stop it right away. After i stopped the bleeding... I called my vets and told them to expect me, I was bringing my bird in on an emergency. I'd be there in 15 min. She ended up with 7 stitches to close the wound.

Sometime later she broke a blood feather on her wing... there was blood everywhere, all over her, my walls, ceiling, (she flapped her wings when i went to towel her so it got everywhere!)

Again, I went grabbed the organic flour, applied it, put pressure on the feather... Then called my vets again, said I'm coming in, my bird is bleeding. I was amazed at how quickly the blood just pours out from a broken feather. There was more blood from that, then when she split her keel. On the way home from the vets this time I stopped at the pet shop and bought her Stypic powder. I keep it out in the open at her bird station, JUST in case.

I cannot stress how important it is, to first STOP the bleeding. Birds are small, they dont have much blood in them only takes a few min for them to bleed out. Its why I stopped the bleeding best I could, b4 calling my vets which are 15 min away. 15 min drive is vital when your bird is bleeding. It must be stopped first. Flour and stypic powder will hold your bird over long enf for you to get them to the vets for proper care.

Never wait, when your bird is bleeding, take them to the avian vets, ASAP. I hope your little one is stil alive.

Dec 12, 2012
Bleeding Bird Help
by: Tracie

I know it is too late now, hopefully your bird stopped bleeding. You should study bird first aid by either purchasing the dvd below or checking something out at the library.

Avian First Aid DVD

There is also a "Super Clot Gel" and a "First Aid Kit for Birds" that you can keep on hand.

Bird First Aid Kit

Please keep your 24hr Avain Vet number handy for emergencies also.

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