by Elaine de Swardt
(South Africa)

We got home today and there was blood dripping from our Jardine's tail. We recently gave away the 2 cockatiels we had and therefore not sure if he inflicted the bites on himself or did something actually attack him through his cage. Please could someone give us some advice.


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May 10, 2009
Bleeding Tail - jardine parrot
by: Elaine de Swardt

Thank you very much for the help!! He has stopped bleeding that same night, thank goodness!! But your advice certainly helped for future reference! Thank you Anonymous!

May 04, 2009
Bleeding Birds to Vet
by: Anonymous

Your bird could have broken a tail feather, and if it is not pulled straight out with needlenose or other small nosed pliers, bird will bleed out.

It could also be from a bite or other sore on bird's body. Check bird out thoroughly to see where blood is coming from. If he has lost quite a bit of blood, take him to vet immediately as an emergency. Birds don't have much blood and can bleed out quickly without vet or your intervention.

Blood feathers are feathers that get broken before they become hollow and without blood in them. These can be pulled straight out from the way they are growing into the body with a pair of needle nose or other small nosed pliers. A quick, firm pull or jerk, and they'll come out. The spot will bleed a little and then coagulate. If you don't pull out these broken blood feathers, birds will bleed out in a short time.

Hope this helps!

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