Blind eye shrinking in a lady finch

by Fabrizio

Zebra Finch blind eye

Zebra Finch blind eye

Zebra Finch blind eye
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Dear Vet,

I am trying to visit local vets, but no one at the moment really gave me a satisfying answer, and in the doubt, they are keeping using antibiotics for one of my zebra finches.

I feel one of them was already blind, since she is the only one that we can touch approaching from her left side, but her left eye seems to get deeper and deeper into the head, while at the beginning it looked normal.

I am scared it could be an infection. I did not notice any strange behavior. She sometimes use the perch with the head, but I don't think is for the eye and I don't feel is so continuous to push the eye. There are no sign of flesh or irritation due to the perch. She eats and correctly flies, but I noticed she always look forward with the right eye and she seems vulnerable on her left.

For the rest she seems normal, but if I had to pick a date, she had the eye shrinking after she laid some eggs (not fertile eggs, I have two females).

Any help is very appciated. Even if you can guid us with some tests, it would be great. I already visit a vet twice, and I am not sure what to do.

Thank you very very much,


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Jan 14, 2014
Finch with non-functional eye
by: The Avian Vet

The sinking eye is non-functional for some reason, maybe infection, maybe trauma, not sure,but it is sinking because it is not being used. The fat and tissue behind the eye is being resorbed and since the eye is not functional it becomes atrophied and looses blood flow and fluid. Antibiotics are not likely to help with this problem. If there is no discharge, and does not seem to be causing pain, then you may need to do nothing. I recommend having a veterinary ophthalmologist examine your bird.

Dr B

Jan 14, 2014
Finch Eye
by: Alex

Hi Fabrizo, I would suggest getting a second opinion from a different avian vet. It may be worth going to a completely different hospital with an avian vet.

They should be able to advise you on what tests they need to carry pout and any treatment they feel would benefit the bird.

I hope you get the answers you need.

Thanks for getting in contact


Jan 13, 2014
Blind eye shrinking in a lady finch
by: Sandra D Singh


Your vet should probably do some kind of diagnostic tests. Maybe blood tests and X-rays to determine what’s going on with your bird. If it is not a tumor, it could be a very bad eye infection that's getting your bird blind. If you can find a specialty veterinary clinic or a veterinary teaching hospital at a university; ask if they'd consider looking at your bird. I don't think that a veterinary teaching hospital would be expensive; these things can be very costly.
I'd advise you to have another Avian Vet look at your bird in the meantime while you're waiting for the week. If you do not get to one of the hospitals I mentioned above you've no choice than to let your bird have the injections that you mentioned.
I'm so sorry for your bird and for you also because I know how you're worrying; I only wish that I could've helped in some way.
Ok take care Fabrizio and God bless.

Jan 13, 2014
It was an avian vet
by: Fabrizio

Thank you Sandra, it was an Avian Vet. At least that is what they told me. The hospital is specialized in birds and exotic animals.

Reading through the bill, they did:
Eye Corneal Staining
Doxycycline hydrochloride 50 mg/ml injection (that they proposed to be repeated within a week.

I did bring her in the first time in as soon as I noticed something was wrong. She seems ok under any point of view, only the other day I noticed the eye was covered by feathers, and I got worried. After the Corneal Staining they told me she seems fine, but I still believe she is at least partially blind on that eye. Not sure if I have to proceed with the injections, they seemed to make injections since they did not know.

Is there any test I can do for the tumor? Not sure they can do anything anyway, in that case.

She clearly told me that she would not make any surgical operation any way.

Thank you again Sandra, I might be go to another avian hospital, but anytime I called them they seemed so unsure about the situation.

Jan 13, 2014
by: Sandra D Singh

Dear Fabrizio,

I'm NOT a vet but a person who loves animals, especially birds. I'm very sorry to hear about your lovely birds. Have you taken them to an AVIAN VET? If not, please do so immediately because this is very serious. Don't wait until YOU SHALL HAVE the time but MAKE the time; thank you.
You did mentioned that you went to "a vet" but you didn't specify. Dogs and cats vet doesn't really know much about our birds. "The ONLY time you shall take your birds to any other vets except an Avian is, if there aren't any Avian in your town and it's an emergency then you do not have a choice".
Your bird, as you suggested could've an infection or "MAYBE" a Brain Tumor so please get your bird to an AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY. She eats and flies well but this is very serious as I mentioned above so please DO NOT DELAY going to an "AVIAN VET".
Fabrizio I don't think that the laying of eggs would cause any such thing to happen; eggs whether fertile or not, do you understand? The vet that you took your bird to was supposed to have given you some answers and advise you of the tests that your bird needs to have done. So if you did not take your bird to an "AVIAN VET" please do so now before it's too late. I'll be praying for your birds and you so take care and God bless.
Please update and thank you Fabrizio.

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