blood blister on leg

by sara
(san diego)

My 9 month old sun conure has blood blister on his leg at joint. don't know how it happened but think my lovebird bit him. the love bird has been put in cage and not let out. we have vet vist on monday (today is wednesday). i need to know if this should be seen sooner.

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Jul 05, 2010
by: sara

took sun conure to vet and every thing is fine. the blood blister was gone by friday. my lovebird is only out when i'm there to see he is not getting to bitey. his wings are cliped but only the frist 4 so can fly a little. to keep a bird so they never can fly is like having a fish in a teacup not happy.

Jul 02, 2010
Conure with blister on leg
by: The Avian Vet

If you can get him in sooner, it would be better. If he is eating and drinking and vocalizing, and using his foot, then you may be safe to wait till Monday.

Dr B

Jul 01, 2010
blood blister on leg
by: Linda

Sara, it would be a great idea to get your bird into the vet BEFORE the weekend. The reason I suggest this is that infection can set in during this period of time if it has not already. So, I don't think it's life threatening and do suggest you try and get appointment moved up. Now it is Thursday, so you may have to wait until Monday anyway.

As for the Conure and the LoveBird, do not allow them to be together again as the Lovebirds are quite aggressive for such little birds.

I also suggest you have the Avian vet clip wings on both birds so they cannot fly anywhere except to a gentle stop on the floor. Go ahead and take both birds in for your appointment and tell them you wish to have both birds' wings clipped and the hurt one examined. Have the Avian vet ONLY TRIM THE 6 PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS AND NO MORE. These are the long feathers at the end of the wings. When cut up any higher, it can cripple the birds, and they are in constant pain, so just the Primary feathers is all that needs trimming.

Once wings are clipped, you can move both cages farther away from each other so they cannot access each others' cage by flying over, and then they could play out at the same time. I always recommend supervision when birds are out of cage at any time because of possible aggression or arguments and such. Anytime birds are out of their cages, you or someone else needs to be watching them. In other words, never walk off and think all is well because once you are out of sight, they will do whatever they want which can sometimes be fatal.

Let us know what the vet has to say and thanks for writing.

By the way, you can use a cotton ball or swab and put a little bit of Betadine on the hurt place on Conure's leg. Make sure it is BETADINE which can be found at the pharmacy. The Betadine is a good product for the birds because it is NOT oily and soaks into the skin immediately. Blow on it a little to dry it and don't use too much to start with. It seals the wound from dirt and bacteria plus it sooths a little as well. Just use a little bit on a ball or swab, blow it for a second or two, and that's all the home remedies you'll ever hear me advocate because I've used the Betadine on many Birdy booboos, and it works great.


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